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Abilities, Impressions and daily visitors from the other side

I was around 3 years old when I recall it starting. There were 2 of them, bright, beautiful beings who came to me. I could see them, their brightness travel down the hallway and into my room. They would bring me pictures of my family or items that were scattered around the house somewhere. They would slowly present the item by passing it slowly in my field of vision, always left to right, explaining who or what it was. They were so loving and positive and I remember this happening several times as a child. Just as I was falling asleep my bright beings would come to me and teach me something new. I thought everyone had 2 bright beings of their own, just like I thought everyone's Mommy and Daddy's names were John and Joan...strange how children perceive things.

Fast forward to just after high school, as an extremely sensitive child I felt everyone's emotions and illnesses. Now that I was older it became more intense than ever. I knew who had the headache in a room full of people. Who was depressed and who needed to be touched with a warm and loving touch. It seemed as though I could just put my hands on anyone's shoulder and know exactly what was going on with them. I never realized at the time that it was something special. It was hurting me and I couldn't handle it.

Through my 20's and into my 30's I pushed it all down, I knew it was there but I needed guidance. As my career progressed as a Hairstylist I was bombarded with people, their feelings, their worries and their health problems, the greatest gift out of it all was that I could see what they wanted for their hair even before they could explain it to me. That made me very successful and I am very thankful for that. However, the visits in the middle of the night with a figure standing at the bottom of my bed was so startling. It seems normal to me that I have spirits who come to visit but it still startles me out of a deep sleep at times.

I soon found myself in Massage Therapy School. Finally a learning atmosphere on energy and meditation. Besides the Anatomy and Physiology classes we all had to endure, luckily that came easy to me. I was able to learn to connect with my abilities in a way that I hadn't before. The workshops on energy and being able to focus on people brought me up to a new level of understanding. I still get visitors in the middle of the night. I am starting to understand they need me, want me to help them.

Now in my 40's I have noticed so many things happening. I just know things, never seems to be anyone who is close to me, just people I am acquainted with and strangers. I am learning to journal all my impressions, visits from the other side. I have been able to communicate with people who have passed. Bringing some closer to their issues with the living and helping direct them to where they need to go. I have had the privilege to work with The Southern Connecticut Paranormal Society and Paranormal Investigation Team of Meriden.

More to come....
thanks for reading